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Map your area
  • Rectangle tool - Draw a rectangular selection
  • Radius tool - Draws a radius around a point
  • Pen tool - Draw unique shaped selections
Filter via Audience Selector
Use Audience Selector to filter your campaign audience via age, location, number in household, etc.
  • Clear - Clear current target area
  • Save - Save your target area
  • Load map - Load a previously saved target area
Find a location
To get started in the Target Area, select a location by using either the search bar or by zooming into a location within the map itself using your mouse or zoom buttons.
Map your target area
Once you have found an location you can start mapping it out. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to box off an area, the Radius Tool will let you draw a radius around a point while the Pen tool will let you draw custom shapes.
Filter your audience
Now that you have an area mapped out for your campaign, you can filter who to target within this area by using the Audience Selector tool Filter via categories such as affluence, life stage, number in household, etc.
Save Target Area
Target Area
Saved Target Areas